Austin tenant relocation Assistance Program

The Austin Tenant Relocation Assistance Program provides financial assistance and housing locator services to tenants who are displaced as a result of demolition or renovation of a property.

The program helps tenants find new housing that is affordable and meets their needs. We understand the challenges associated with relocation and are committed to assisting eligible individuals in their transition.

Program Services

Deposit Fees

Security deposits required by landlords for the rental of new properties.

Approved Lease Related Expenses

Financial support for approved expenses stipulated in the lease agreement, such as utilities and internet services.

Application Fees

Fees associated with applying for new housing. 

Mobile Home Park Fees & Site Prep

Fees associated with preparing the new homesite such as: preparing a pad, utility connections, and skirting.

First Month's Rent

Assistance with the initial month’s rent at the new residence.


Tenants will be reimbursed for any approved out of pocket expenses related to relocation to include boxes, moving pads, etc.


Fees associated with storage of items while the mobile home is being transported.

Logistics Fees

Fees associated with the rental of a moving truck and movers, relocation of a mobile home within 50 miles of the previous mobile home site

Eligibility Requirements

Tenants facing displacement must reside within Austin’s Full Purpose jurisdiction. To view the interactive web map and see if you reside within the Full Purpose jurisdiction CLICK HERE.

Tenants must have a household income at or below 70% of the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area median family income. For residents of mobile home parks, this threshold is set at 80% of the median family income.

Applicants are required to submit a claim form that documents their income eligibility within a specified deadline, as established by the program.

When applicable, tenants facing displacement must provide proof of displacement. Whereby the tenant is unable to obtain this documentation, the Program will work with the developer or their designee to obtain on behalf of the tenant.

You are ineligible if your dwelling unit falls in any of the categories below:

  1. Demolished or vacated because of damage caused by the tenant or by other events beyond the owner’s control, including fire, civil commotion, malicious mischief, vandalism, tenant waste, natural disaster or other destruction.
  2. Owned by a public housing agency.
  3. Located inside the boundaries of an educational institution that is occupied by students, faculty, or staff of the institution.
  4. For which relocation assistance is required to be paid to the tenants under federal or state law; or
  5. That is operated as emergency or temporary shelter for homeless persons and owned or administered by a nonprofit organization or public agency.

Ready to Apply?

Individuals requesting assistance must submit an application to be considered for assistance. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis and funding is subject to availability of funding. Funds dispersed from this program are to be used on relocation expenses as determined by the program. All applicants are subject to Income, Residence, and Identification verification as part of the application process. The program reserves the right to request additional documentation after application is submitted.